"On one level, the novel is a parable - with overtones of Graham Greene's The Quiet American ... On another, it's a story about how we tell stories to friends and strangers, trying to convey experiences they will never know firsthand, and how we tell ourselves stories to reckon with the past ... Mr. Gallagher has a keen reportorial eye, a distinctive voice, and an instinctive sympathy for the people he is writing about about ... With Youngblood, he has written an urgent and deeply moving novel."
–Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times

"A flat-out great novel about the Iraq war and about much, much more. It's truthful, urgent, grave and darkly funny. Everyone should read it."
–Richard Ford

"[Gallagher] writes about war like you've never read before ... In its emotional nuance, Youngblood codifies the fact that this is a voice to be reckoned with."

"A gripping, compelling novel about war and country by an exceedingly talented veteran of Iraq who writes with a soldier's eye and a poet's soul. Youngblood is a captivating story of hope and loss, love and ruin that transports readers to the war as it was felt and lived - by Americans and Iraqis alike. It clearly deserves a place at the top shelf of American war literature."
–General (Ret.) David H. Petraeus